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Wave Cafe: The Next Chapter
From 2017 to 2022...

So much more than a cafe...

Our aim is to reduce inequality in society, and radically change attitudes to learning disability and difference. At Wave Cafe, We're All Valued Equally. Wave Cafe showcases an alternative model of community - one where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities spend time together - socialising, networking, creating and enjoying each other's company.

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Our journey so far


First inclusive "pop-up events" & Wave Cafe registered as an independent CIO.


Weekly all day cafe opens in new premises. Online events during Covid-19.


Weekly evening arts workshops. Community consultations and fundraising.


Re-launch of the physical cafe. Appointment of new Development Director.


Trial the Wave Cafe day cafe summer events. These prove to be popular!


Bring Wave Cafe to a larger community and offer so much more.

What we have learnt since 2017

It can be hard to enable true mixing of people with all abilities. Those without learning disability, or with limited experience of having fun with people with learning disabilities can be resistant, awkward, or expect to be involved as 'help' rather than as a participant.


A truly inclusive space needs to be attractive to everyone. It also needs to be accomodating of different personal needs.


We call it "with not for".

It's tricky to get right - but it can work. Visit us to see for yourself.

Make the journey with us

Your support could help us bring Wave Cafe to more people with and without learning disabilities across London.

Every donation, from a monthly standing order to a one-off donation, makes a huge difference to the opportunities we can provide across London.

Thank you for supporting our mission. 

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