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 About Wave Café 

We're Wave Cafe, a friendly, inclusive café in Muswell Hill.


We are a social enterprise set up to bring people with and without learning disabilities together and to help build a truly inclusive community.


The arts and local cafés play enormously important roles in Muswell Hill and we believe in the power of a space combining both to foster inclusion in our community. 

 Our vision 

Wave Café is a vibrant, welcoming and fun place where people with and without learning disabilities can meet, socialise and work together as equals.

A place where those with learning disabilities see themselves as valid and active members - not service users or beneficiaries - enabled to contribute to the running and enjoyment of Wave Café.

Through Wave Café, we aim to create an environment that models the change we want to see in our community and beyond, and we invite our neighbours to be part of it. 

 Who we are 


Wave Café is a project initiated by Wave, a local community group created in 2009. Wave already runs a weekly playgroup for parents of babies with additional needs, a social group for young adults and inclusive church services.



Why we do what we do



How you can support us



Where and when to take part

"I recall watching a member dance at an event, a really talented dancer.  Seeing her perform in a way I could never dream of, it struck me that this isn’t about “abled” or “disabled”. She can do things I find impossible;  quite probably I can do things that are impossible for her.

But isn’t that just being human?"

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