the neighbourhood project

Ask a trusted adult or friend to help you read this if you need to.

If you join the project, we will give you the name of someone who you don’t know. They might be different to you. They are called your writing partner.

We want you to write a letter to them, and they will write a letter back to you. You can address the letter to Wave Café, and we will send it on to your writing partner.


You could tell them about yourself and what you have been up to. You could send them a picture, poem or artwork if you like.


We hope you can build a friendship with them, even though you can’t meet them in person at the moment.

Fill out this form to join the project: CLICK HERE

You need to read this important page with a trusted adult or carer:

We hope you enjoy taking part!

If you have a question, ask Ben, Toby or Carolyn, who work for Wave Café:



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