the neighbourhood project

terms and conditions


If you feel you need help with this page, please ask a trusted adult, guardian or carer to read it with you.


With a project like this comes the formal stuff. Please do have a read, and feel free to ask if you have any questions at all. We are sure that your exchanges and interactions will be happy ones, but we also need to keep everyone and their details safe.


  • Wave Café will share your answers to the ‘name’ and ‘about you and interests’ questions with your writing partner, in writing only. We will not share your address (unless requested by you) or any other information.

  • Wave Café will store your data only for the duration of the project and will not share it publicly or with any third party.

  • Wave Café will not be checking the content of any letters or material that is sent between you and your writing partner(s), and as such, cannot take any responsibility for the content of any material. If at any point you have a concern about the content of any letter you have received, please contact or call 07706323904.

  • You may choose to share further personal information with your writing partner, such as your address or phone number, or other personal or identifying details. This is entirely up to you, and Wave Café is not responsible for any interactions taking place between you and your writing partner outside of The Neighbourhood Project.

  • If at any point you would like to opt out of the project, please email, or call 07706323904.