We know getting started writing to someone new can be hard!

Have you tried...


Asking questions

Can you find out your partner’s favourite song, film, activity or book? Maybe ask them about their favourite place in the world or what their dream dinner would be, or wht they're looking forward to doing most after the pandemic. No questions are silly questions!


Something different


You could include a photo of you or something you enjoy doing. Or, send a cut out from a favourite magazine, or something interesting you read in a newspaper or book. Why not post your partner a nice flower or leaf you discovered on a recent walk? Or write them your favourite song or poem?

Tasty treats

You could exchange some tasty items – favourite teabags, sweets or spices fit nicely into a letter. You could even include them with a recipe!


Picture perfect

You don’t always need to write in words. Lots of people like to communicate through art – a painting, drawing or doodle can be an interesting thing to share with your partner. Why not draw the view from your window?


Be honest

It can be scary, but remember your partner wants to hear about you! Tell them what you enjoy, a funny story that happened to you recently, or something that makes you special!



You might feel uncomfortable or nervous thinking about talking to someone new. That’s normal! It’s hard to do, and that’s why the neighbourhood project is helpful – it can give us good practice at how to be interested in other people and find out things about them. We might be surprised what we learn!


If you have any questions or comments please email info@wavecafe.org. We'd love to hear from you.